The Amazing Twins are conjoined, bomb juggling twins, seemingly named Strange and True (real names being Petey and Repetey according to the manual). They are quite possibly performers and use their bomb-juggling as an act. In fact, the manual calls them the Famous Juggling Jugheads of Skipjack County. They can be seen comically arguing between each other about who stepped on whose foot and which one of them is Strange and which one of them is True. Ned can hit their bombs while they're juggling and make one will fly off screen and explode (it will not any effect on anything). They are sometimes juggling a key along with the bombs. (After they both say on after the other "Key, key, who's got the key?") Ned can hit them with the yo-yo and this time the key will fly off screen and we hear a motor starting. (Even if Ned knocks their bombs away, they will still never pay any attention to Ned at all).


  • In both of the pictures of them in the background, Petey and Repetey are on the wrong sides.
    • What's strange is the fact that the manual shows the twins in the same positions as the background images.
  • The manual shows the twins juggling a rusty pair of scissors, an axe, and a sickle, as well as a single bomb.
  • While arguing about who's Strange and who's True, the twins' voices are switched, with the lower voice on the left and the higher on the right, as opposed to before. This may have been done on purpose, pertaining to the fact that the argument of who is who was due to the fact that their voices were changed.
  • Their shirt appears to have writing on it. And they don't wear any shoes.