The Attic, Basement and Beyond Shadow is one of the five Shadow creatures Ned encounters in the Nightmare Ned video game. It controls the Attic, Basement and Beyond Nightmare.

The Attic, Basement and Beyond Shadow is the second-only female shadow, the other being the Medical Shadow. It is also the only double-headed Shadow creature. As Ned progresses through the Attic, Basement and Beyond Nightmare, the Attic, Basement and Beyond Shadow gradually transforms into a little girl named Sally, who carries a doll named Sandy Patty Cake, that she found on the trash. She calls the Attic, Basement and Beyond her secret treasure chest and makes Ned promise not to tell about it.

The Attic, Basement and Beyond Shadow is voiced by Jill Fischer.


The Attic, Basement and Beyond Shadow's personality can best be summed up as a sadistic child who loves to disturb those around her. She is occasionally very quiet, making her seem quite mysterious and giving off an eerieness akin to psychological horror. A lover of mind games, the ABB Shadow has set up her nightmare with several disturbing and strange tricks and traps that toy with Ned's mind, such as a dragon that tells twisted poems and stories. Her bizarre appearance perfectly reflects her bizarre and childish way of speaking, and she also longs for Ned to play with her, reflecting her childish nature.


  • Terrible... hideous... surprises!
  • (Demo version) We're all alone, Ned... Come play with us. Forever!
  • Hey, let's play hide-and-go-boo!
  • Come and see what goes *bump* in the night.
  • Ned, won't you be my neighbor?
  • Patty Cake, Patty Cake, Demon man, scare little Ned as fast as you can!
  • Well, welcome to the attic of the absurd and abnormal!
  • Hey, Hey! Lets ply house! I'm the garbage disposable, and you're... the garbage!


  • In the demo version, the Attic, Basement and Beyond Shadow is given two lines.
  • The Attic, Basement and Beyond Shadow is the only one of the shadows to have its portrait shown twice in the manual. The second image is blown up, using of one of its heads to represent the Graveyard Shadow.
  • The shadow is based off of the Grady girls from Stephen King's The Shining.
    • In the demo intro of the game, they say a line similar to the Grady girls. The original line in question is "Come play with us Danny... Come play with us forever."

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