The Clayman is a large, poorly sculpted monster made out of modeling clay. He is encountered in a diorama representig a playing room. He is the only Locker boss that does not have a summon attack. Clayman has an audience of Clay Ducks on the shelves that will cheer for him when he inflicts damage on Ned.

Clayman's weak spot his his back. Ned must hit the lever on the left side of the stage to make turn Clayman around, exposing his back, allowing Ned to hit him.

When defeated, he turns into a model of George Washington's father holding a fallen cherry tree.


Face Steal - Slaps his hand at Ned to take his face.

Clay Wave - Summons a wave of clay on the floor to trip Ned.

Clay Arrow - Hits Ned with an arrow made from clay.

Trivia Edit

  • Clayman could be a resemblance to the video game style of "ClayFighter" in which all the characters are stop motion clay figures that fight each other.
  • In the background of Clayman's stage, concept art for the zombie girl scouts from the Graveyard Nightmare can be seen.