The Clogging Trio are enemies in The Bathroom. They repeatedly jump up and down out of the toilets. Ned must leap across the toilets while avoiding them. If one of them hits Ned while he is leaping across the toilets, he will be sent back to the start of the room. If he falls into one of the toilets, he will be sent out of the Toilet Room and back the the main area.

  • Grenny is the first monster seen in the Toilet Room. It is a green one-eyed monster with many jagged teeth. It grumbles as it jumps and is the slowest.


  • Cyco is a sickly green colored creature with broken teeth. It jumps--which meows when it jumps--up with two rolls of toilet paper in its gloved hands. (There is a bolt of lightning in a toilet separating Grenny and Cyco.)


  • Truddy is a large moldy-lint ball that utters a harsh growl as it jumps out. (There is a hurricane of sewer water in a toilet separating Cyco and Truddy.)


After Ned makes it past the Clogging Trio, he will face the Razors next.