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Look at all those lollypops.

Dr. Klutzchnik
is Ned's doctor (or dentist.) Appearing in the the Medical Nightmare, a symbolism of Ned's fear of doctors and dentists.

Dr. Klutzchnik has a cheery mood and does not want to harm Ned, unlike her counterpart, the Medical Shadow, who has a sadomasochistic personality and is content of hurting Ned. She is also very polite, as in the conversation she has with Ned. She apologized for having to bring a handful of lollipops to a patient upstairs in the hospital.

She wears a light blue dentist jacket with a white collor and white buttons. A pocket protecter full of pens, an orange skirt and orange gloves, holding multi-colored lollipops. Light blue pants and shoes, a headlamp with a flower, glasses, lipstick and has short brown hair.


  • Dr. Klutzchnik: Good evening, Ned!
  • Ned: Dr. Klutzchnik?!
  • Dr. Klutzchnik: Lovely seeing you. Please excuse me, I've got to get these lollipops to a patient upstairs.
  • Ned: You mean, you're not going to do anything to me?
  • Dr. Klutzchnik: See you later!