The Fortune Teller as she appears in the Attic, Basement & Beyond Nightmare.

"Hey kid, I'm runnin' outta hints! Just stack the flyin' stuff and climb outta here...I got a break comin' up!" Fortune Teller to Ned in the Basement

The Fortune Teller is a strange talking mannequin who appears in the Basement sequence of the Attic, Basement and Beyond Nightmare, when Ned falls through the carpet, and lands in a tight room (considered to be the basement) with flying furniture where she appears standing off to the side. She does nothing unless Ned uses his Yo-Yo, which makes her move and talk. Each time she is hit, she tells Ned a hint in order to get out of the Basement in a poetic future-predicting way. After being hit over and over again and giving all of the hints, she finally gives up and tells Ned how to get out. (see quote at top)

The question mark cards she holds may be what contain the hints in order for her to tell Ned how to get out, but they could be just an accessory for appearance.


  • In footage for the game from the demo sampler, the tarot cards could actually decapitate Ned.