The Ghoul is an enemy that appears on the Graveyard Nightmare, on the top of the purple tree where Ned first meets the Green Ghosts. It is a morbid creature comprised of dead parts of different things. It attacks by poking Ned's brain out with its long fingernails, or if out of close range, vomiting spiders which attack Ned.

In order to defeat it, Ned must hit its chest three times in order to break up its ribs and hit the exposed heart four times until it explodes. This can only be done when the Ghoul lifts its arm to attack Ned. Otherwise, it will put its hands in front of its heart to protect it if Ned tries to hit it.


  • Although the Ghoul appeared in the prototype footage from the demo sampler, the Ghoul itself, the tree which it is fought on, and the ghosts are not present.

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