Girl Trouble
Girl Trouble is an episode of the Nightmare Ned TV series.


After Conrad & Vernon trick Ned into going into the girls' bathroom as their latest prank, Ned begins to dream about becoming a girl himself.


The episode starts with Ned needing to go to the bathroom and gets confused with the signs being switched. Entering the females bathroom, the culprits to the switch take the fake signs down and we see Ned finish business, only to greet a girl schoolmate passing him by.

He realizes the problem and runs. The boys in charge of this prank talks to him and promise not to tell a soul of the accident, not mentioning the people behind them, then revealing said people and they all laugh at him.

Only two girls try to comfort him, but only making him more distraught. He runs outside and falls a sleep under a tree. A strange sequence with a rainbow and two unicorns happens above him and his dream beings with him waking up to confront the two bullies. Who are smitten with him, him not knowing he is a girl in their eyes.

His appearance changes to fit a cute girl. Blue hair and red glasses. Her usual outfit is now a red skirt/ suspenders. Stripped long sleeve shirt and slippers, long soaks. Also a bow in her hair.

As a girl, she freaks out and get sent home. Her parents try to confront her about it. Her father has trouble talking to her and immediately backs off and begs his wife for help. Who brushes "Nedra's" behavior as a phase, something no one should ever say unless confirmed by said troubled person about such subject.

This upsets "Nedra" and asks her parents to go to her room. Right after that, the two bullies come to her window and try to woo her. Failing, but she uses their shallow attraction, to gain her attention and get her to come out side, to humiliate them and laugh. Giving her the idea to rule the world or something of the kind.

But she wakes up and Ned is back to him self and writes in his dairy about before picking up a flower and smelling it. He then starts to walk a way and the show ends.


  • In the Nightmare, Ned goes by the name "Nedra".