The Medical Nightmare is one of the five Nightmare Worlds Ned can explore in the Nightmare Ned video game. The entryways are marked by a needle icon. Controlled by the Medical Shadow, it is divided into two parts: the first part is hospital-themed, where Ned is contained on a gurney and must rush through the Hospital to escape the grasp of evil doctors who want to steal his organs and must get them back in a spin-the-wheel mini-game, while the second part is dentist-themed, and he explores the Mouth.

The Medical Nightmare represents Ned's fear of getting a shot and having his teeth removed.

When entering the nightmare, Ned will be in dark waiting room with elevator music playing in the background. He must walk to the right to activate a light, showing three objects that act as portals to different areas. One is a dentist chair, with sharp teeth and a tongue. When selected, Ned will jump in the chair, be bounced by it's tongue, and fall inside with the chair closing its mouth. The second portal is a gurney with claw-like straps. When selected, Ned will jump on it and be strapped down. If Ned has already visited one of the stages, a third portal will appear: a chair that will lead him to the Attic, Basement and Beyond when selected.

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