Ned's mom as she appears in the video game

Mrs. Needlemeyer is Ned's sensitive and caring mother who appears in both the game and the TV show. She is the only one in Ned's family who tries to understand him and his nightmares, more than his father.

In the video game, Mrs. Needlemeyer is voiced by Lani Minella, while in the TV series she is voiced by Victoria Jackson.


  • In the video game, Mrs. Needlemeyer's hair is clearer and brighter than in the TV show.
  • Sally might have been Mrs. Needlemeyer as a child, since she has the same blonde hair. However, this is only speculation.
  • A zombified version of Mrs. Needlemeyer appears in the Graveyard Nightmare alongside a zombified Ed Needlemeyer as one of the Graveyard Shadow's creations.