Mrs. Salt & Glution are two characters in Attic, Basement and Beyond Nightmare (both first pictured in the Attic area). They are sitting at a dinner table, and on the table is a large pile of bones from
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Mrs. Salt

their dinner. (There are also many empty salt shakers on the floor and also strangely a door to a 70's style car to the left of the table.) In front of the terrified mother is a pepper shaker and in front of the boy is a salt shaker. Ned hits the pepper shaker and switches their places. The boy then sneezes and blows the bones over to make a ladder to climb up to a ledge, and the mother begins to gleefully throwing the salt around. Ned climbs up to the ledge and there is a bag of wiener-like slugs that attach to him and turn him into a slug himself. He needs to fall off right end of the ledge and move past the dinner table where there is a small opening into a tree while avoiding the salt the mother is throwing around. Once Ned gets through the opening, he transforms back into his regular self.
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