My How You've Grown
My, How You've Grown is a 2 part episode of  the Nightmare Ned TV series, which counts as the 10th and 11th episode of the series.

Part 1Edit

After learning that he hasn't grown an inch since his last measurement, Ned decide to take drastic measure, which involves him hanging on a bar and wearing leg weights. During the process Ned fell asleep and entered another nightmare, this time discovering he's now a teenage and not only that he encountered and befriend a small muscle guy name testosterone (Norm for short) who tried to teach him the way of acting like a teen, which result of backfiring such as shaving,driving, going to parties and dating girls.


  • During Ned's Dream Ned is voiced by Jeff Bennett.
  • Norm is voiced by Brian Doyle-Murray, who best known as the brother of Bill Murray.
  • This episode shows the reacting of teenage boys growing up.
  • When Ned and his parents are watching tv, the show that is playing is Family Matters, which was also a ABC show back in the 90's.

Part 2Edit


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