How could a toilet haunt Ned?

Ned's Toilet is the toilet in Ned's house. He's the Bathroom Shadow's true form. In Ned's nightmare, he has the ability to speak. He tries to tell Ned about his future, telling him it's not the outside, but the inside that counts. He also has an issue of having Ned flushing banana peels down him, telling Ned to stop doing so. The entire Bathroom Nightmare is a symbolism of Ned's fear of being flushed down by the toilet.

He appears to be a yellowish toilet with rusty pipes connected on the bottom and has a small, spinning bathroom mirror on the tank, reflecting Ned's face.


  • Ned: I'm being haunted by a toilet?
  • Toilet: I'm more then a toilet, Ned. Take a look.
  • Ned: Promise not to flush me?
  • Toilet: I'll try my best.
  • Ned: All I saw was me?
  • Toilet: That's right: a nuclear power plant of hormones, ready to experience a meltdown...
  • Ned: Huh?
  • Toilet: You'll see. And remember, it's only the mirror that doesn't always reflect the boy inside... Oh, and you gotta quit flushing those banana peels, they're killing me!
  • Ned: Sorry.