The Paper-Mache Chicken (alternate names include Crazed Chicken, Killer Rooster or Origami Hen) is one of the enemies fought in the Locker. Its body is made from a piece of cardboard cut in the shape of a handprint, along with a cardboard beak and wings. Its lair is, of course, a diorama of a chicken coop.

Ned must hit the sky mobile to reveal the sun, which will cause the chicken to crow. Ned can then hit it several times with his yo-yo. Repeat this pattern when the mobile switches to the moon cycle. When defeated, it turns into a paper model of George Washington holding an ax.


Super Punch - Turns into a giant fist and punches Ned.

Macaroni Summon - A Macaroni Maggot sucks on Ned's head.

Peck - The Chicken pecks at Ned if he gets too close.

Trivia Edit

If the game is run on newer computer models, there will sometimes be a glitch when the chicken uses his Super Punch, Ned will fly out of the scene. Since Ned cannot be controlled onscreen, the player must wait until the time runs out to return to the Locker.