Rats are recurring enemies in the Nightmare Ned video game. There are several diffrent types of rats.

Attic RatsEdit

These Rats appear in the Attic and walk out of the room and into the exit to the Bathroom Nightmare. Ned will cringe in fear if one walks by him and the only way that they can be harmed is if they are burned by the Furnace, which then they will run away squealing in terror. They also apper in two cut-scenes for The Bathroom.

Fan RatsEdit

Fan Rats are found only in The Bathroom and it is the first enemy that can be K-Oed. There are a total of thirteen rats to be KO-ed, which drop at five second intervals and will need to be hit in mid-air to be KO-ed or they will splat againt the ground and disappear. The rotating fan which the rats drop down from must be turned off access the next area.

Due to a programming bug, the rats will move at faster speeds depending on the operating system that the game is played on.

Beaver-Throwing RatsEdit

These rats throw Organ Beavers at you and are the ones who sing the Rat Tango. They are identical to Fan Rats, but, are inaccessible to Ned and therefore cannot be harmed.

Giant RatEdit

It appears only in one cut scene for the Bathroom from the Attic, Basement and Beyond Nightmare, where it walks onto the end of a pipe with one of the Attic Rats. The Giant Rat may be the mother of the rats.