Sally, holding her doll, Sandy Patty Cake.

Sally is a girl who apperears in the Attic, Basement and Beyond Nightmare

Her personality seems adventurous, due to the fact that she loves to find things in her "Secret Treasure Chest", which is posibly the attic, and that she sports roller skates. She also has a weird interest to creepy and rejected items, such as an old doll she found in the trash, named "Sandy Patty Cake".

Sally wears a pink sweater with red shirtsleeves, a crazy-quilt skirt with a long, flowing red ribbon and red roller skates with untied shoelaces. She has short, blonde hair with a red ribbon on top. In her left hand she holds Sandy Patty Cake, a small doll with a very light blue dress, short, curly, brown hair and two ponytails with a red ribbon on the end. Sandy has a bored female voice. If you go back to The Quilt and see the Attic, Basement and Beyond Shadow revealed as Sally, she will pull a string out of Sandy Patty Cake, showing that Sandy is a pull string doll. 


  • There is a speculation that Sally could be Mrs. Needlemeyer as a child, due to them having the same blonde hair.
    • It is unknown why Ned fears Sally, possibly that she creeps Ned out with her strange personality and holding a creepy looking doll in her hand.
  • Sally's name and pattern of her skirt could be based on Sally from Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas.


  • Sally: Hi. I'm Sally. And this is my friend with the string: Sandy Patty Cake.
  • Doll (Sandy): Hi. Sandy Patty Cake. I love you a lot.
  • Ned: Creepy.
  • Sally: I found Sandy in the trash. Can you believe someone threw her out!?
  • Ned: Um...
  • Sally: I found nearly everything right here, my secret treasure chest.
  • Ned: (nervous laughter) Don't worry, I won't tell anyone.
  • Sally: Promise?
  • Ned: Cross my heart!