There are Word Animals in the Chalk Board Room in Alcatraz Elementary. Ned can swing his yo-yo at them to make them change into inanimate objects.


Attacks by slashing Ned with its claws. Next, it turns into a bat, which will bite Ned and turn him into a bat himself. Finally, it turns into a hat.


Attacks by biting Ned's head off. Next, it turns into a frog, which licks Ned with its long, slimy tongue. Lastly, it turns into a log.


Attacks by strangling Ned. Then it turns into a drake, which attacks by pecking at him. Last, it turns into a harmless cake.



  • In the commercial, the Word Animals are incorrectly named "Hideous Math Equations".
    • This mistake might have come from the chalk board being covered in very obscure and impossibly complicated math equations.

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